High-end exquisite 12-bit PU leather watch jewelry storage box

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made in China
Brand Name: bebangso
Packing method: carton

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Model: A

Size: 305*200*80mm

Price: 45.15 ¥



Product Name: High-end exquisite 12-bit PU leather watch jewelry storage box
Product weight: 1kg
Product size: 305*200*80mm
Product price: 45.15 yuan
Product model: bbs1021
Product material: Leather, paper, cloth
Compression rating: excellent
Product color: black
dimension: 305mm(length)*200mm(width)*80mm(height)
Item weight: 1 kilograms
Item color: faux leather black and fully lined in beige
Item material: pu,velvet lining with foam pillows,solid wood
Item brand: Bebangso


A high-end, high-grade jewelry box can not only effectively protect the jewelry from external damage, but also reflect the owner's taste and artistic pursuit. This classic series of jewellery boxes adopts a concise but not simple clamshell packaging design, which caters to contemporary urban women's pursuit and yearning for a simple rhythm of life.
The box body made of high-quality double copper paper mounted gray board can effectively protect your jewelry from external damage. At the same time, the intimate flannel lining can also protect your baby from the box body. friction. Protect your baby from the inside to the outside.
Are you still worrying about not having a high-end jewelry box? What are you waiting for? Hurry up, buy it and earn it!

Shanghai Shangyu specializes in the design and production of high-end jewelry boxes, various packaging gift boxes, high-end wine boxes, cosmetic boxes and various handbags, etc.

Item function: mens watch holder with 12 compartments,lock and key for added security.
Fun fact of the item:Initially, you should know what a watch box is. After you have bought a watch, the next step is to find an appropriate place where to store it when you are not wearing it. Thus, a watch box is a container made for keeping your watches at times when you are not wearing them. This becomes especially important when you own multiple watches. Each one of them is a piece of art and you want to keep them in the best condition and display them accordingly.Watch boxes can be made of various materials, but no matter what kind of material your watch box is made of, it is in your interest that the inside is coated with soft materials, such as velvet, to protect the watch from scratches and damage. Additional soft insert can be fitted to ensure even more protection.
Need be aware: Firstly, you should consider its potential size.Depending on the dimension of your collection, you can select a box meant to carry a single, few or even several dozen wristwatches. When choosing the best watch box, you should consider what you want this box to be. Undoubtedly, if you are buying a watch box just for its sole purpose, you can get away with a simple watch storage box to put in your dresser drawer. However, if you like matching your pieces to the interior design of your home, a better idea would be to buy a watch display case that best compliments the interior of the room that it’s going to spend most of its time in. It may bring a nice touch to the interior and serve as a great conversation starter as well.Secondly, investigate additional details of some watch boxes. The most common feature is an implemented glass window on top of a watch box, so you can view your watch collection without even opening the lid. Acrylic glass will be the cheaper and safer choice, but to achieve a more sophisticated look to your watch box choose one with a real glass window. It is also a way to distinguish lower-end watch boxes from the higher-end ones. Or, if you want to be more cautious, there are plenty of watch boxes with solid cover available. So, what kind of watch box should you get?
Customer Care: Kindly drop your needs to mail qhf@bebangso.com,you will get prompt updates from the supporting team.

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